All you need to know

If have been creating custom shoes for over 3 years now and have been featured on many blogs, websites and in magazines. 

I like to keep every design unique and hand draw and paint every pair. This means I can create something for you that wont be seen anywhere else. I except reference pictures for specific designs and can personalise, names, dates etc. 

I have a Facebook page with over 200 pairs pictured on there so you can see exactly my style and designs, there is a link at the base of the home page. We can exchange pictures and thoughts to give you the best idea of how the shoes will look when complete. 

I don't bother we pre design pictures as you never know how exactly the image will fit on the shoe until you start sketching on them, i would also rather spend the time on the shoes rather than the concept.. Theres lace holes, odd shaped areas and stitching to contend with but I will happily send photos once the pencil sketch is on so you can see exactly what i have done 

I don't have a set cost as i would rather search all suppliers for your size and find the cheapest price. The savings i pass on to the you.

From payment the shoes will take 7-10 days to be completed and then shipping times vary depending on how far you live from London England. I ship 1st class tracked mail.

Please do not hesitate to contact me even if its just with the character name as i will happily design the complete shoe from scratch.

Many thanks 

Julian @otwcustoms